Class and Sass


Welcome to Sasi Living, a departure and complete renovation from SasiShoes. I’m so thrilled to be starting Sasi Living and I hope you enjoy all that Sasi Living has to offer.

Contact me here:

To give you a better introduction, here is what a Sasi lifestyle is all about:

1. A SASI lifestyle always makes a good impression and embraces the beauty of imperfections. While we all strive to have the best wardrobe, cleanest house, tightest body and most organized life, it’s really nothing more than a pipe dream. Even the people who are seemingly all of those things want more, and the SASI girl replaces that insecurity with ambition.

2. SASI girls are fit, fun and fashionable. That’s what this blog is really going to focus on, the 3 F’s. The best part is, there is not one strict interpretation of being fit, fun and fashionable. So you will get a variety of ideas, inspirations and idioms on how to live your own SASI lifestyle.

3. Most importantly, a SASI lifestyle changes and grows, tries new things, succeeds and fails just the same. The difference is perspective, and this blog will surely provide heavy doses of perspective because everyone loves being a voyeur 😉


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