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The Heart of the Matter

In FIT, FUN on February 1, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Happy February!

February is national Heart Month! Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US and responsible for 25% of all deaths?! That’s startling huh? Also, heart disease is the leading killer in WOMEN. So, what can you do to help decrease your risk of heart disease? I’m so glad you asked 😉

First, I want to propose a challenge. This month I am asking all of you to log one mile per day. You can fit this mile in however you’d like–walking, running, biking, skiing, hiking, the options are endless.  If you’re already logging one mile per day, then for every day in February I’m asking you to log one more–go the extra mile. Let’s remember that physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are essential in preventing heart disease, and with all of us putting in a mile a day, we are all decreasing our chances of heart disease. Who’s in??

In addition to the one mile challenge, here are some other things you can do on a daily basis to help prevent heart disease.

  • Brush, Floss, Rinse–keeping your mouth extra clean is very important in preventing heart disease. There is a direct link between oral health and heart health, so keep those gums clean! 😀
  • Stress OUT–no, don’t get stressed, get the stress OUT of your life! Stress management is vital in maintaining your health and keeping your heart healthy. Use any tactic you like–from a stress ball, punching bag, meditation, or even a good loud scream, it’s most important to keep your stress levels low.
  • Eat Right–Eating healthy is a great overall health tip but also does wonders in preventing heart disease. For recipes and tips be sure to check out the American Heart Association’s nutrition guide.
  • No Smoking! Kick your nasty habit. There’s really no excuse for this one and the info speaks for itself. It’s in your own best interest to quit smoking and to stop endangering those around you with your second-hand smoke too.
  • Spread The Word! Please spread the word about the dangers of heart disease and the many ways to prevent it. So many people don’t understand how their daily lifestyle effects their overall health, so please, get active and spread the word.

Don’t forget–this Friday is National Wear Red day!

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