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Cream of the Crepe

In FUN on January 31, 2011 at 3:10 pm

Happy Monday!

This weekend I had the opportunity to cash in a wonderful birthday present from my best friend Lisa. A crepe cooking class! We were originally supposed to take this class in November, but then the bf got hurt. So, thanks to a timely Groupon, we got to re-schedule. 🙂

Our Ingredients

On Saturday at 5pm we arrived at FliP Crepes in Lakeview, Chicago. A little place on Halsted, this French cafe was holding the secret to my heart–the perfect crepe. With a few French instructors and three other couples, our skillets were ignited. On our menu was the traditional Crepe Suzette and a banana-chocolate crepe. Yum!

First, we made our batter. This batter was seriously good enough to drink, and according to our teacher, that’s the first sign of a successful crepe. We used brown eggs, wheat and white flour, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, rum and soybean oil. Then, we pured the first crepe. Everyone was nervous, but fortunately, our instructors warned us that our first crepe would likely be crappy. A crappy crepe however, is normal, even for the most experienced masters. Whew!

Lisa lighting Suzette 🙂

After flipping about 5 crepes, it was time to meet Suzette. We peeled and zested our oranges, and then added unhealthy amounts of butter and sugar to the mix. Before I knew it, Lisa was at the front of the table igniting the mix for the perfect crepe Suzette. Delish!

We ended the class with a wonderful banana chocolate crepe wrapped up like a little French coin purse and a serious sugar high. Lisa and I both left laughing and talking about what a wonderful time we had getting to know our classmates and our teachers. 🙂

**Did you know that instead of Groundhog Day the French celebrate Crepe day? It’s the same day, but rather than waiting to see a furry shadow, you whip up some crepes. Then, with a gold coin in one hand, you flip your crepe and make a wish. Cute huh?

Thanks Lisa!


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