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Charming Cutler and K-Cav

In Uncategorized on January 20, 2011 at 3:12 pm

With the Bears/Packers rivalry heating up our chilly town, I’m begging the question–was Kristin Cavallari part of Cutler’s success this season?

While it may seem crazy, I think that K-Cav has actually proven to be the charm Chicago needed. Cutler is constantly criticized for his decisions on the field and often dismissed thanks to his “scatter-brain” attitude. For seasons we have watched him fumble, drop and pass away our wins. However, this season, with rumors of his romance flurrying, it seems he has regained a more precise focus. With his team behind him, the Bears have collectively assembled to be a tighter team. But, could Cutler’s focus be attributed to his new stress-relief off the field? I think so.

Maybe a hard-hitting, strategic chic is exactly what Cutler needed to understand the “game” a little more. K-Cav has never been a girl that’s easy to tie down, but it seems Cutler has successfully completed a pass. She is being spotted all over the city and is even tweeting about her new love. So, unlike other celebrity curses, it seems that K-Cav has brought nothing but charm to Chicago.

What do you think? Will this successful romance help Cutler lead the Bears to a cheesy victory on Sunday? Personally, I think that K-Cav will help Cutler remain focused and I’d love to see her in her Bears gear this weekend.



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