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In FASHION on January 3, 2011 at 3:23 pm

With the holidays over and the new year underway, it can be a challenge to get dressed and not want to add that holiday flare to all your outfits. Don’t fret–you can keep shining without looking like the star on the tree! Here are some post-holiday fashion tips for you.

Put away the glitz–bring out the glam! It’s hard to wear any glitter right now without feeling (and looking) like you are living in the past. Instead of wearing your fav gold flats with your work pants, try something patent instead. Patent shoes are the ideal way to keep some shine in your step and still be glamorous without feeling like a discounted Christmas ornament. Anything chic and glamorous will get the job done, just try to avoid those typical holiday sparkles until February.

Layer your look! Layer yourself with a subtle, sparkly tank under a blazer or cardigan for a great post-holiday look. The layering effect works because it distracts from the glitz and therefore makes your outfit better suited for the winter blues. Another idea is to layer with accessories–this is a no-fail and a cheap way to mix up your winter clothes. Try wearing a few small, subtle gold necklaces, Helen Ficalora makes the perfect one. Or, layer a few long beaded necklaces for a bolder look. It’s all about the color here, so don’t be afraid to add lots of pop and drama to an otherwise drab outfit.

Finally, use your shoes! You know I’m a sucker for a great pair, and right now is the perfect season for just about anything. Whether it’s peep-toes with tights, chic flats, boots or wedges, it’s hard to go wrong. Stick to shoes that are sensible and cute, the winter doesn’t give you an excuse to ignore fashion. Check out all the great picks on and stick to things that are patent, glossy, textured, and a little sparkle won’t hurt. Black sparkly flats are a great idea right now.

Here are the don’ts. DON’T wear your favorite holiday color for the next few weeks. There’s nothing worse than a red sweater this time of year, wait until Valentine’s Day. DON’T over do your glitz and glam. You had a chance for the entire month of December to cheese it up, let’s just keep it classy for now. Finally, DON’T keep eating and drinking like it’s still the holidays, your post-holiday wardrobe won’t look it’s best when you’re bloated and blotchy.


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