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Deck The Halls–Remix!

In FASHION on December 7, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Last winter I posted on SasiShoes about holiday footwear and thought this post was appropriate to share again. Here it is, updated and remixed for you to enjoy!

With the holiday season now in full swing (thanks to the wonderful Starbucks Holiday cups), it’s important to wear the right shoes to any event you may have on your calendar.  Between Office Parties, family celebrations and all the other actual holidays, there is plenty of action going on and you need to look your best! Holiday party shoes are always the perfect accessory, and you probably already have some in your closet.

The first thing to tell yourself, is that this time of year is perfect for glitz and glamour, so your shoes should absolutely reflect that. There are so many endless choices of footwear that it can be cumbersome to find the perfect shoe. The best place to start is with the occasion itself. Holiday shoes are certainly a luxury and are much harder to multi-purpose than sparkly flats or biker boots.

If you are headed out for a night when you know you will be consuming a high dose of egg-nog, it might be wise to stick to a shoe that you won’t fall over in. The holidays are icy, wet and totally unpredictable, so please don’t ruin a great pair of shoes by stumbling around drunk! A great option for bar or party hopping during the holidays are wedges, boots, and peep-toe heels. All three solutions look awesome with leggings, tights, dresses and cute crop shorts. Also, it is possible to re-purpose your going out shoes for a more low-key adult affair, just tailor your outfit accordingly.

If you’re headed over the river and thru the woods for your holiday fun, try putting on a great pair of boots or flats. Boots are ideal because they are warm, weather withstanding, cute and easy to take off at the door. Also, you can wear your boots with absolutely any outfit. Try pairing a great pair with a dress to impress your grandma with your “grown up style”–everyone loves a guest in a dress. Try wearing nice suede boots (that you weather-proof first) or a great pair of leather boots with a heel. See some examples below.

Here are the dont’s of holiday party shoes. DON’T buy shoes or wear shoes that would have matched your prom dress–this isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event. DON’T over-spend on your holiday party shoes. Unless you are going to a seriously formal affair, you should save your money for everyone on your gift list, and just treat yourself to something stylish and inexpensive. DON’T go out looking like a christmas tree, ornament or a present from Santa. Keep it simple, chic and classy this holiday season, the egg-nog will do the rest for you. 😉



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