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Bridal Plasty Backlash!

In FIT on December 2, 2010 at 3:13 pm

If you haven’t heard of the new show on E! entitled “Bridal Plasty” here’s a brief rundown: Brides to be compete in challenges to win plastic surgery procedures off their “wish lists” and then the winner gets a “perfect” wedding.

Um–excuse me?! What the heck is wrong with people? I totally understand having insecurities, and while I have never been engaged or felt the stress of an upcoming wedding, I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t resort to plastic surgery weeks before my wedding. The real issue though, is one that seriously breaks my heart and that I can’t seem to get off of my mind. So, here we go.

Marriage is a sacred union, no matter your race, religion, sexuality etc. It is something to be entered into after great thought and with serious commitment. It’s hard for me to imagine these women are really entering their marriages with clear heads. Every woman has flaws and insecurities, but the point of your soon-to-be Husband is to embrace those flaws, and help alleviate your insecurities. Your wedding will be perfect regardless of whether you have a nose-job or lypo. Why? Because it is YOUR wedding, your special day, and a time you should cherish in all it’s perfection, imperfections and joy.

After hearing more and more about the controversial nature of this show I am left feeling sorry for these poor women. There are always other options ahead of plastic surgery. For health reasons alone, I do not condone voluntary, cosmetic procedures. While I am not 100% against them, I do think that certain procedures are entirely unnecessary. Specifically, there is no need for lypo-suction. Go to the gym, eat right, put healthy, natural things into your body! If I were to ask you before your wedding whether you would cheat on your Husband, the likely answer would be “NO!” So then why would you cheat on yourself? That’s basically what you are doing when you elect to get plastic surgery for love handles, cellulite or other (normal and common) “imperfections.”

Finally, I am truly concerned about the mental state of these women prior to the show and after the show. Plastic surgery can have lasting repercussions and often times leads to more insecurities. During a time when two people should be focusing on creating a healthy, stable marriage, these women are fighting for “perfect” weddings and “perfect” bodies. Let me tell you something–Perfection is a state of mind, something that changes and evolves with your own life, no one else determines your state of perfection. I wish, and truly hope, that these women can get a hold of themselves and get healthy: mentally, physically and emotionally.

This show is a train-wreck of unhealthy lifestyles and demoralizing to society. In a world where we are bombarded with diet options, natural food choices, gyms, fitness dvds, supplements and endless support, plastic surgery seems like a sucker’s bet. But, that’s just me, with my love handles and all.


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