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Baby It’s Cold Outside

In FIT on November 30, 2010 at 6:08 pm

With one major holiday officially under our belts, it’s normal to be feeling a little guilt over how much you ate. Additionally, the holiday’s can bring unwarranted stress over our healthy habits. So, bundle up and start moving! Here are some tips for running in the cold weather and keeping fit during the holidays.

Cold Weather Running Tips

1. Dress in Layers! Your first layer should be something that will “wick” your sweat away so that your body isn’t trapping your heat. Your second layer should be something breathable, but also something that protects you from the wind. Gore-tex or Under Armor clothing is best. If you still don’t think that will be enough, try adding a light fleece layer in the middle.

2. Cover up! You have a lot of extremities exposed while you’re running outside, and keeping them warm will help you stay warm too. Put on some lightweight gloves, a pair of 180’s and a neck warmer. You can always peel something off during your run, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! I also personally love a cute and comfy pair of leg warmers over my tights or under my pants. Check out these!

3.  Stay Cool–in other words, don’t get overdressed. I know it’s hard, but a good rule of thumb is to dress as though it’s 20 degrees warmer outside. This way, you won’t get overheated and your body will hold a steady temp throughout your run.

Ok, so now that you have all the running info you need, don’t go splurging your hard work at the next party. Here are a few easy tips to keep you fit, whether you run or not, this season.

Party Favors

1. Eat light–when you’re at a party it’s exciting and overwhelming to see all the food. While it would be rude and cruel to avoid it altogether, choose a smaller plate. This is one trick that I constantly return to that helps me remember everything is good in moderation. Or, try the 1 Rule. Try 1 of everything and only go back for seconds of the best item. It takes more self control than just using a smaller plate, but also pays off in dividends.

2. Treat Yourself! It’s always a good idea to show up to a party with something, so instead of bringing wine or store bought treats, make a healthier snack to share. This way, you know there is at least one healthy item for you to enjoy.

3. Drink and Be Merry–before heading out the door, drown a few glasses of water. This will help your stomach feel more full and let you avoid overeating.


Happy Holidays!


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