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Real or Fake?

In Holidays on November 29, 2010 at 3:38 pm

With Thanksgiving over, it’s time to work off our turkey coma’s and start getting ready for Christmas! (Sorry if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this post won’t really suit you)

As someone who lives in a smaller condo and without roommates, decorating for Christmas has never been a high priority. While I have plenty of decorations, it always seems like such a hassle to drag my stuff up three flights of stairs and re-arrange my entire apartment for a few weeks. This year though, I have decided to go all out. The first challenge–a tree.

Everyone knows that the Christmas tree is a must when decorating. Couples, families and pets alike join together during the holiday’s to “trim the tree” and create lasting memories and traditions. I however, do not have this tradition in my apartment or my relationship. So, what’s the first step? Well, like most people, I had to decide if I wanted something real or fake.

I weighed the options carefully, and what it really all came down to was price. Buying a fake tree is expensive! While I would have preferred a real tree (because I have never had one in my life!) it just seems like too much of a hassle in my place.  First, I have a dog, and I don’t want him peeing on our tree. 😉 Second, I have no idea how to water it or take care of it properly. Third, I don’t have any lights (another expense, though trivial). Fourth, I have no idea how to get the tree home, up the stairs, or out the door come Jan 1.

Thanks to my parents–I now have an old, fake tree, that was the perfect price–FREE. Now, on to the next challenge, decorating….stay tuned. 🙂

Which option shakes your branches??


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