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In FUN on November 17, 2010 at 7:53 pm

First, sorry for the delay! I have been trying to nurse the BF back to some sort of normal over the past few days. Anyway, while we will all be giving thanks soon, one important aspect of the day is the atmosphere. A great centerpiece is key and can really warm up your table. In fact, you don’t even have to get crazy and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

Here are three of my favorite Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

1. Pumpkin Flowers–still have some pumpkins laying around? Perfect! Find a flatter, round pumpkin and carve just the top off. Then, clean out all the guts. Finally, stuff it with a mum, or a tall orchid, whatever floats your (gravy) boat. The finished product is festive and perfect for turkey day!

2. Cranberry Bliss–this idea calls on your creativity a bit because the options are almost endless! You can use fresh or canned cranberries, whichever you like, and fill a bowl or vase with them. Then, stick in some candles for a beautiful glow and aroma. Or, just try using cranberries as some added texture to your table. They are the perfect way to bring in some color. Here’s a very drool-worthy example:

3. Burlap! Yes, that boring brown stuff. It makes for an amazing table runner or placemats! You can find burlap at your local fabric store and it’s pretty inexpensive. Try using it as a contrast runner or over a tablecloth. It gives a very natural, earthy feel to your table and the color and texture adds a lot of warmth, surprisingly. Try stamping your family letter onto it for a customized look and enjoy the durability for seasons to come! Check out how great you can make burlap look–dress it up or down, perfect for any family this holiday season.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces? I’ll share ours with you next week! Don’t forget you can still submit links to Project 365 by emailing me, I’ll post them on Friday!

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