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Lives Change Like the Weather

In Uncategorized on November 15, 2010 at 4:40 pm

This weekend my boyfriend was assaulted outside of a bar after some creep walked by and slapped me on the ass. The result was a fractured jaw for the BF and a broken finger. Not to mention the 4 hour surgery and the fact that he can’t chew any food for 6 weeks. This post is not to whine about the unfortunate events of this weekend, but mostly to vent and try to understand how some people can be full of compassion while others can do something like this. Did I mention the creep ran away and hasn’t been caught yet? Yea, it sucks.

While this was by far the worst thing to happen in a while, it seems that lately my life and the lives of my friends have just been a string of violent acts. My car was hit and scratched by a biker, without a note, and then it was broken into and things were stolen. On top of that, my best friends windshield was totally shattered on Halloween. The common theme? NO ONE WAS EVER CAUGHT! To pile the “accident” this weekend on top of the list is literally too much for me to handle.

Where are the people who have a responsibility to catch these jerks? Why can’t the bar call me back? Why can’t the police help us find the guy responsible? You would think that at a time where people are desperate for jobs, those with jobs would be working their hardest to keep them wouldn’t you? Apparently, it seems like just the opposite. Right now, I am so mad at society in general. I know that’s a huge blanket statement, and over exaggerated, but honestly, my faith in human dignity is really dwindling. While there were so many blessings and small victories in all the recent situations, they just aren’t enough to ignore the fact that these things happened in the first place.

All I can say is that I will stop at nothing to find this guy and let him know the damage, pain and sheer exhaustion he has caused so many people. But, more importantly, I will try not to let a few unfortunate circumstances ruin my faith altogether and hope that there is someone out there willing to help us find him and restore our faith in society. Pay it forward–I am sure trying!

  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you and your boyfriend! I would be beyond frustrated in your situation. Keep on it…be a pain in the ass to the police. Seriously, they should be looking for this guy! Hang in there. People suck. But we are awesome.

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