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30 before 30

In FUN on November 9, 2010 at 2:16 pm


Today is my 25th birthday and in honor of this occasion, I decided to make a 30 before 30 list. Here it is for you to enjoy!

1. Get my PhD

2. Teach at a university

3. Get married

4. Move out of my apartment

5. Do at least a 5k in every state in the continental US

6. Visit New Zealand

7. Practice yoga regularly

8. Run a half marathon

9. Get published

10. Get a six pack of abs–haha

11. Write a book

12. Create a photography portfolio

13. Take a hot air balloon ride

14. Visit Napa

15. Buy a vacation home

16. Take golf lessons

17. Help a charity

18. Have a home gym

19. Take one picture everyday for a year–starting today!

20. Ski in Canada

21. Celebrate 20 years of best friendship with Lisa!

22. Go to Asia

23. Take a dance class

24. Throw a Great Gatsby party

25. Help someone in need

26. Apply for The Amazing Race

27. Try to kick my sugar habit

28. Complete another Triathlon

29. Kill a spider by myself–silly, I know, but I’m so scared of doing it!

30. Complete this entire list by November 8, 2015!

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    Cool list – but make sure you remove “Try to” from #27

    My list would be a bit bigger than yours – kinda like “47 before 47”

    • Hi Henrik
      I wish I could remove “try” from 27, but I tried to keep the list realistic haha. I think you should totally do a 47 be 47 list! Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

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