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Will Run for Chocolate!

In FIT, FUN on November 8, 2010 at 3:45 pm

Happy Monday!

This weekend my mom and I ran in the Chicago Hot Chocolate 5k. The event was through RAM racing and included a sponsor of Ghirardelli. Upon finishing, you were greeted with fondue, hot chocolate and free candy! However, even that wasn’t sweet enough to get us going Saturday morning….

It was a mere 34 degrees when we were waiting at the start line with about 12,000 other “runners.” I put runners in quotes because during the race, the majority of people were WALKING. I completely understand that it was freezing outside, but the walkers made the course significantly more challenging. All the info regarding the race made it clear that this was NOT a walk, so it was frustrating to see so many people walking.

Overall, the race went well. My mom and I did not run together, as we run at different paces, and it was hard to stay together in the huge crowd. But, we did meet up at the finish line to enjoy our treats together. The course was through Grant Park and the museum campus which was beautiful, as usual. Nothing too challenging, just your typical Chicago race. We both finished with times slower than we predicted, but still decent.

Here’s the downfall to the race. The registration was $45, you could not pick up your stuff the day of the event, and the lines for the chocolate after the race were insane! Honestly, I think RAM let way too many people register. The total count for the 5k and 15k was almost 30,000 runners! I would recommend the race only if you’re looking for a fun activity. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously so if you can handle that and withstand the long lines, then definitely sign up next year.

Here’s my mom and I freezing before the race.  Have a great Monday!


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