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Chicago Chocolate Tour

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Happy November!

I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, so I’m happy the day has uneventfully come and gone. However, my friend Lisa made me an offer I couldn’t refuse this weekend, so on Hallow’s Eve we embarked on a Chicago Chocolate Tour.

Here are my thoughts on the tour itself. First, it was TOO long! In addition to starting a half an hour later, online it said the tour would last 2 hours, but when we arrived, our guide said it would be 2.5 hours. Couple the 2.5 hour tour, with the half an hour delay, our tour was 3 hours long! Also, we took the last tour of the day (3:45) and although we were filled with lots of goodies en route, we were hungry for dinner! So, I’d would not recommend the tour for those of you who don’t have 3 hours or who are on tight schedules.

Also, while I love the city of Chicago, I could have done without the architectural stops along the way. I think just pointing things out while on the move would have sufficed, I didn’t think we needed to stop and stand in the park or courtyard.

But, there were some bonuses–we got to meet the founder of Chicago Chocolate Tours, so that was nice. She was super enthusiastic and you could tell she really loved her job. (So refreshing!). We also learned a ton about local Chicago people and places, things you wouldn’t hear on any other tour.

On to the goodies! Let me just say, everything was DELISH! You will not leave this tour wanting more, sweet tooths of all sizes will be happily satisfied. 🙂 Our first stop was at Teusher Chocolates, a swiss chocolate shop in the 900 mall. OMG, this stop was hands down the best! The champagne truffles are to die for, as are all the other chocolates, but they are expensive. That didn’t stop me though, aside from the champagne truffle, I would highly recommend the Milk Buttercrunch, Lisa and I both agreed it was unlike anything else we have tried before!

Our second stop was at More Cupcakes. While I do love cupcakes, unless you chose to buy something at this stop, it was nothing special. We were told multiple times they specialized in savory cupcakes and believed that if you could drink or eat it, you could make it into a cupcake. The sample was just the simple chocolate chocolate cupcake, a mini chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing. Kind of boring. Lisa and I did not try any other cupcakes here.

The third stop was at a Belgium bread shop named Hendrickx. This stop was incredible! While they were out of the traditional chocolate croissant sample, we were whisked into the kitchen for 3 samples! We tried a chocolate cake, vanilla eclair and country bread. All three were fabulous, and I highly recommend trying this place. Also, it was so nice to have some bread for a minute, great change of pace!

The fourth stop was at Sarah’s, a great boutique bakery. I won’t say too much here, because while everything was great, it wasn’t a huge standout for me. But, still worth stopping into if you pass it. Try the peanut butter crunch bar!

Our final stop was Argo Tea and by far, the most lack-luster stop. I felt incredibly uncomfortable going into the shop because it was riddled with students trying to study and concentrate. Also, I am very familiar with Argo from living in Lincoln Park, so I could have done without this last stop. Additionally, I was just tired from the long tour at this point, which may have been a factor in my impression.

Would I recommend the Chicago Chocolate Tour? Yes. It’s fun and different and would be a great activity for visitors.


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