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The Epic Fail of the 100 Cal Cupcake…

In FIT, Recipes on October 25, 2010 at 1:51 pm

Happy Monday!

Last week I promised you a recipe and recap for 100 calorie cupcakes. Well, after two attempts, I would strongly urge you not to try these at home. I first saw these cupcakes on The Biggest Loser and thought they looked delicious. Not to mention, it was the adorable Curtis Stone who presented the recipe. While the ingredients are simple and natural, the recipe is complicated and was a complete let-down. I guess you can’t make these properly without the charm of Curtis.

My mom and I both attempted these cupcakes and the results were the same, complete failure. While the cupcakes tasted decent, but by no means delectable, they looked terrible. Additionally, they stuck to the cupcake wrappers making it impossible to unwrap and enjoy these guys. The raspberry frosting was also a little off, it came out runny and literally slid off the cupcake while I was trying to eat it. Not what I call a home run.

I know there are plenty of you that will decide to try these at home regardless of my warnings, and I don’t blame you one bit. But, beware that the idea of them is more enjoyable than the actual product. Lastly, I will say that as a serious beginner in the kitchen, this recipe is a little complicated. My failed attempt aside–I wish you the best of luck if you try these and would love to know how they turn out!

May the force be with you:

I'd much rather make these instead--calories aside! 🙂


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